Gallery of yurt construction 

Crew at Batz

Completed 4 way Nautilus above and craning roofs below 

   Crane erect 4 way Nautilus roof install video 

698 Sq.FT.

We Deliver and installm your  home 

Calif.Yurtworks crew
Fly the mid roof 1

60’ Diameter tri top Yurt getting 2nd of three roofs


Shop Roofs Stacked 

kirby subfloor3

31’ yurt 2x8 floor frame over basement 


6’ Steel ring hoisting up into hole.

Mike and Crew
Tower Install

26’ Tower with 10’ wings in Eureka,Ca.

IMG 8705
David and Bill tilt wall brd.
John Berto ring wide
Turnbuckle Berto
Awesom crane
41' roof panel w:crane
mike on crane wave
crane 41'towers hopland 3
Mission school towers
factory 2 ext
Arlen selling Yurts
juando shop cut
shop-twin-rolling-saws med hr
big shop yurt int.
Shop fab best
Hopland shop Naut Roof 1
shop prefab stored
shop stack of walls 2
Davo in 81 shop
roofs on truck
Eselen sod roofs
Loaded roofs:ring
load semi roofs
Raitt sod roofs
David Truck:Village
David and Brian

David Raitt        and       Brian Manning

707 319-3267            707 744-1611

David at 6 years old working with his brother Steve and Father in southern California 

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 6.04.02 AM

David’s  Children  all have lived in  and built Yurts

Sauna head stand

Juando,Jeff ,David Kiva

Davo Rob in skylight (1)

Davo thru skylight hole