Green Homes 

      In 1976  I sold my first  Green yurt to Bran and Moria in Ca. on Greenfield Ranch. I milled the lattice 2x2 frames from downed fir trees on my 54” head rig sawmill. I bought one of the first  Skill Battery (White) 12 volt drills.  l hooked it up to a car battery and drilled holes for 40d rail spikes and washers to pin the lattice wall and lattice roof frame pairs together. Ran a 1/8” galvanized cable thru the roof and wal frames at the top of the wall.  I set this up for them for $300  total including my wood ,cable and spikes.    They did the rest and lived happily in it for decades. Moria still lives in her yurt as Bran left us a few yearrs back to umpire softball games  and play horse shoes in the after life.   They used cleaned carpets as a liner and safe foam in a case of cans for insulation and tree seal coating and some green paint to make their cozy hobbit like yurt. Then years later they shaked the roof and sided over the wall  and used redwood bark as a perimeter for their stump like entrance and perimeter foundation…….Brilliant         

Bran and Moria

                     Bran and Moria at their their home 1976  and below after their addition in 2013


30 years later

Needless to say I have evolved these green designs,  sold my sawmill, sought after sustainable lumber from  local sawmills harvesting responsibly  and developed an affordable hybrid green frame panel yurt.   Read below for the particulars and product development that has taken place over the past 35 years in California., and in Baja with green Hybrid designs.

                    Hopland green subdivision built in 1986 below left  with earth friendly materials and  recycled newspaer fire proof  roof insulation and fireproof ceramic finished O.S.B. from row cropped Aspen with resin glues as siding and sheathing  with bamboo floors and old wine tank 2x  trim.  Across the street from the Real Goods Solar Living Center.    - David Raitt 

31':41' standard

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.45.15 AM