Villages & Commercial


Orr Springs Onsen

    Ukiah, California 

The Orr Springs “Fern Village”  has  5  -  16‘   yurts  with hardwood stair access up the side of a hill where Hot Springs 

guests can enjoy a  retreat  bedroom and deck in the ferns and redwoods.  There is a central bath and shower and laundry 

center with a self contained septic system that purifies the water.

We have a phased plan in place to build a new massage room and  Nautilus office above the springs with handicap access planned  for when funds are available.

 Bio- Intensive Reseach Center   Wilits, California 

John Jeavon’s Bio intensive Reseach Center  educates and teaches  farming practices that  train how to grow orgainic food on half of the land with twice the output  than conventional crop systems.

This complex of 3 yurts both houses the students and 

provides a central 31’ open seminar dining and gathering area

with a large root cellar and kitchen and laundry,  compost toilets.

All built to the Urban Wildfire codes.  Tempered windows, fireproof exteriors and roofing, Steel /concrete decking and rails and reclaimed hardwood floors.

 AbhayagiriMonastery   Buddhist  

Redwood Valley ,    California 

This meditation retreat is located far into the hills in Redwood Valley and has  5 of our nomad series Yurts with Bamboo Flooring and Central compost toilets, Bamboo floors and individual  50’ meditation walkways where Monks can live and meditate and  bow /Walk pray each day  and sleep for several weeks isolated from  any contact  othe than a modest food delivery daily. We had to carry in the yurts on trails

installed often on steep terrain with  Geo-Tech engineered foundations.We installed  propane flex  and water lines with solar power for year round use at times on steep terrain. 

Villa Del Faro   Pescadero    Baja  California  Sur Mexico

The Family Villa in Pescaderro Mexico was started over 10 years ago and as the family grows  so does  the Villa. The plan below 

shows all the future phases which are planned to be completed over the next 5 years.


      David Raitt in his Salt water Pool at the Villa most winters

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 9.03.23 AM (1)
Casa Lay Raitto  05 entrance

Rocky Creek Retreat    Anderson Valley    California

The Rocky Creek Retreat was built as part of a living Trust for 

the parents and the two kids families so they could vacation

either separately or together sharing the common kitchen

dining living yurt with day bed.  The parents have their own 

kitchen and bath multi-room with fold down queen bed.

The two children’s families have a twin expanded yurt

duplex with each having their own bedroom  and bathroom

with a removable partition in the central interconnect for when both familie’s kids are there all at once. They can partition off however  and when they are there individually.