Tower homes and Studios 

Towers offer dramatic views and use the same footprint as a single story so they fit  both sloping sites as well as sites that require views that can only be seen from the higher 2nd story.

Often our towers are configured interconnected to single story great rooms and garages in our larger home designs.

Some sample photos and plans with Towers:


26-46tower-cluster-hawaii med hr

26’/36’ Tower  on Hawaii 


         Three story 13’/29’  tower in Baja Mexico 

Yurt Tower Vilage

   41’  of  6  tower homes with parking under Hopland Ca.

26'tower best 3

               31’  Tower on Hillsaide in Redwood Valley 

Twin 21’ tower interconnect home  in  downtoiwn Ukiah

twin towers

Ieavons  tower

 23’ Tower BunkHouse  1-1/2 bath 

Jeavons 23'Tower 3 v11

tower greenhouse

Passave solar home greenhouse, Earth  tube cooling in Anderson Valley 

41' tower

       41’ tower two 4   car garage under in Mendocino 

26' to 16' tower hastie

Rock Storage  passage heating in interconnect

26' to a 21'tower

        26’ yurt to 18’ tower home in Humbolt County