Earth and Cement plaster homes

Optional Earth Plaster &  earth floors, straw bale 

Use of  Earth plaster ; both as an exterior, and as an interior finish ,can save you money if you do it yourself .   

The time  involved  with you and your friends can be both a wonderful, as well a rewarding experience, labor intensive, yet rewarding and an affordable  memorable experience.

To hire our contractors makes earth plaster a more expensive option.

We do provide a trained contractor to run your crew as an option to our crews doing it all.  We also can provide a pre-mix in bins or buckets and deliver to your site ready to go.

Our cement plaster ,combined  with a hand finish, is an option that combines the efficiency and durability of cement to save on the labor.  We use a  sprayer application and finish after  the plaster and or stucco is shot on  with a hand trowel.

 Happy hand Plaster Gal on California Round House exterior 

 This is a hybrid Earth plaster over stucco mesh and Tyvek  house wrap  on wood frame yurt at Wellmar 

   Yurt Roof on Straw Bale wall  to sheetrock right

   Forming clay mix tiles 

   Straw Bale  wing on 28’ straw bale yurt on steel fast track foundation 

   Setting Bales on round house perimeter with posts 

    Barefootin'  mixing straw  dance in mud 

   Stacking bales on yurt in fill walls 

Interior bale walls with curved corners 

                  First coat on bale drying

           Laying Earth mud on floor 

    Earth floor to bay window and earth plater bale wall

Cement plaster hand trowel finish on Wood Frame 

 485’ Nomad 3 Model at Wellmar with earth plaster Exterior 

   Mural finish on stwar bale yurt wall 

     Straw Bale roof plan showing walls under 

 Bale core hand plaster meets stone on free form bench 

Interior dining area to living in our compact Round House homes 

Bamboo Floor  to Pine Wainscotting meets earth plaster wall finish 

Nomad three Bedroom with  Earth plaster wall 

Nomad 3 Entrance with curved window sides  with Earth plaster 

Hand plaster walls to hewn pine log rafters  in Round House bath wing 

Smooth lime plaster finish and concrete counter tops 

Hand plaster wall to loft in nomad 3   18’ high wall  round house 

    Attractive hand finish  earth  lyme  plaster corners 

Rounded earth plaster corners


   Advance Sandbox   “wonderful hand work awaits you!"