9 mini homes pricing

9 sample mini home pricing 

18’ high 10’ wall 16 sided living room entry to Nomad 3 as model at Wellmar Factory Ukiah

Bedroom in Nomad 3  485 Sqaure Ft .bedroom 

Mini Kitchen in Nomad 3 with bathroom to the left 

Nomad 3 Dining to loft and couch 

  Room for a stacked washer dryer in Bathroom 

15’ Pilot Bedroom off ny of our larger family rooms

showing lighted wood skylight valance 

our  best most flexible 2 bedroom home office mino that we have.  Larger bathroom and kitchen weth ample stogae, makes this both affordable and an asset to amy starter home or as 2nd home. 

Largest under 700 central 23’ big room with full function kitchen and nice master bedrom full bath large porch

Even larger 26’ 840 Sq.FT. high wall great room

Ideal for retirement or guest house.

 Our largest bedroom   a  21’ yurt with wainscoting

custo oak skylight light valance.